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2nd attempt at submitting a trading idea for June.
$AMC & $GME Apes taking a break from eating to check price action. Unbothered until MOASS.
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This guy holds AMC just saying. Do with that info what you want
Hey Tard are you with the AMC MOASS. Free box of crayons. Spread the good word please.
AMC European stock markets are open. AH9 is AMC's symbol. AH9.BE is the Berlin symbol, for example. Up 11% so far today!
So, umm, don’t bet the house on $amc or it’s ok?
📈Here’s a way to beat the odds: Rite Aid will be squeezing tomorrow, 5/31, starting in the pre-market hours. The RADicals have mounted an offensive & we’re going to be having a squeeze party to liberate the float from the shorts. There are currently multiple social media platforms, including Reddit, that will be getting in on the act. The reasoning behind this decision is, it has a public float of only 54 million shares (9 million fewer than GME), approximately 35% of those shares are short & it has a market cap of $319 million. In addition, RAD’s share price is almost exactly where AMC & GME’s were when they took off & the RADicals are confident a similar squeeze situation is imminent. So we’ve all agreed to buy 100 shares or whatever you can afford & we will see all of you bright & early tomorrow morning, in the pre-market, to kick off the launch… 🦍🦧🦍🦧🗜🗜🚀🚀🚀🌙💰💰📈
Data courtesy of Reddit.. This is a work in progress, so check back. For more information contact Jordan.