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My List of Shredded Companies that May Survive
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You're an ape , the long leg will exercise even if it's $0.01 ITM. I don't know why you didn't close out the spread before market close to get some money back. You have 64k so you aren't going to get auto liquidated unless AMZN crashes to $1660 before Tuesday open.
another moron who plays with options and 70k account not having any idea how options works :D Anyway relax you will be fine. Probably you end up with a profit if AMZN gaps up.
Has Biden gotten monkeypox or Putin driven a TSLA into an AMZN warehouse in an act of terrorism or anything else to make my puts print this week? No? Carry on.
I hope AMZN tanks Tuesday morning so we can see OP get his whole account liquidated and see him blame the broker for it
I'm gonna yolo 5K into AMZN 2000P this week
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