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Financial Advice: My plan for the week is to continue to monitor SPY for market sentiment. Around 425 I will start nibbling on long dated puts targeting Q2 earnings dates (August and September). Low chance at negative catalysts this week so if we run up fast hang tight, look to open positions Thursday/Friday. My plays focus on the weakening consumer and weakening advertising. Puts on CELH, DDOG, HD, LOWES Conditional put plays if these names run up more, they had corrected but are running up for god knows what reason. FB, TGT, WMT Calls on YANG Long term: Open shares on CTRA if we bleed down to the 380's again. ​ Current positions: EUFN, EZU, LQD, SEAS, BKNG and APPF long dated puts. YANG shares. Why should you listen to me? Portfolio up 350% since December. Why you shouldn't listen to me? Portfolio was up 400% but I'm a tard and can't close a position to save my life.
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