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So, after $300 loss from NVDA my account went +$200 at the end of the day. CSCO puts will print… or I will lose $3k
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Upgrading to a 3070 TI from a 1070 đŸ¥³ Calls on NVDA.
where's the clown brigade who thought AMD was going to $60 despite 40% organic growth, data center (high margin secular growth driver) doubling yoy, diversifying revenue streams via XLNX, an upcoming APU product targeting low end GPU, TPU offerings coming using xlnx FGPA's which will give NVDA stiff data center competition for inference workloads and intel completely asleep at the wheel and unable to offer any serious competition until 2025 AT BEST!? Thanks for all the put premium you regards
Whenever I look at my NVDA cost basis I'm filled with a quiet sadness.
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