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2nd attempt at submitting a trading idea for June.
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Dear GME, I've been a good boy in the last year and a half. I've been buying, HODLing, and I even went ahead and DRS'd! But I've got a problem, a gamer problem, in fact. You see, League of Legends World's Tournament is hosted in North America this year, for the first time since I got into the game. It would be real swell if I could get insane tendies to make the trip to Worlds in NYC with my friends and family fly as hell. If not, I'll HODL anyway and just eat ramen. Sincerely, Future Tendieman
Moves tomorrow are nothing like always when it's a holiday, might go for a motorcycle ride to NYC idk yet.
I think commercial mortgage backed securities will go before that. Just my .02 from looking around NYC and how many stores have closed their doors.
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