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Walmart calls on clearance
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Datadog finally has a PE. 136,000. 😂
I’m conflicted about DIS. On the one hand, it is now negative on the 5 year chart. That’s absurd. On the other hand, its PE is out of control, and a huge portion of their gains over the past several years were due to speculative hype over Disney+. It’s become clear, I think, that all streaming platforms were massively overvalued. People expected Netflix-like dominance. Now it’s clear that everybody is going to have their own little slice of the pie, it won’t be one dominant platform. So the DIS+ Value is largely eroded. Essentially they’re a media/theme park company trading at a tech company multiple. The level of correction they’ve already experienced gives me pause, however.
PayPal sold off 75% and still has an unreasonable PE lmao
Wait so 31 PE Walmart wasn't a good idea who woulda known
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