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So you’re saying its hardly shorted but still lost a significant amount of value rather quickly. Boy the tardos thinking TSLA is gonna squeeze because of Gates’ short are gonna be heartbroken.
December 2042. I always made fun of Elon Musk, but I shouldn't have. Instead I should have just bought some TSLA shares for the eternal ride. They now trade at a minimum of $169,420 (pre 1:1000 split prices). I log on to my Tesla taxi app and order a car. A nice vintage Roadster pulls up with EDM playing at a tasteful volume. "Where to, old man?" asks the anime girl on the console. "You know where", I reply. Palantir knows. We both laugh and the car takes off to Wendy's.
I have $1000 TSLA calls. I’m with you. To the moon and may tendies be in our favors. 🥂🙌🏻
TSLA $500 Puts for 6/24 🥂
!banbet TSLA 900 30d
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